I love diving into the world of tech, and even more so, sharing what I discover. You'll often find me giving talks or running workshops at community events – it's where I get to geek out with others who are just as curious. Let's explore the latest in tech and learn something new together!

Event, CityTopicLinks
Gen AI Workshop, SITS Narhe, Feb 2023Gen AI Simplified with GeminiPresentation
GitHub Repo
Ctrl+Alt+Cloud, GDSC ZCOER, Feb 2023Go Serverless with Google Cloud FunctionsPresentation
GitHub Repo
January Meetup, GDG Cloud Pune, Jan 2023Deploying TensorFlow Models on Google Cloud RunPresentation
GitHub Repo
GDG DevFest Chh. Sambhajinagar & Nashik, Dec 2023Vertex AI: Unlock The Power of AutoMLPresentation
GDSC MITAOE, Pune, Oct 2023Getting Started with Google CloudPresentation
DevFest Mumbai & Mysore, Dec 2022How to approach design as a developer?Presentation